A woman writing in a notebook, as seen from outside a rustic cabin looking through the window. Text overlay: A Self-Made Writing Retreat.

A Self-Made Writing Retreat | FOLKLIFE Magazine

My annual trips to an off-grid cabin on Galiano Island.

Gertrud’s Recipes | German & Danish Home Cooking

A cookbook uniting the most beloved recipes of my partner’s grandmother.

The Walls | Moot Point Magazine

Somewhat eerie flash fiction about a woman who notices a spot on her wallpaper.

Seven Mistakes Many First-Time Editors Make (And How to Avoid Them) | West Coast Editor

My tips and tricks for getting your editing career off the ground (and dodging some common issues).

Laguna Verde in Bolivia

Secret Lakes | Herschel Supply

Stunning pockets of still water hidden in unexpected places around the world.


Intricate Woodwork | Herschel Supply

From latticework to furniture, discover beautifully detailed woodwork from international designers.

How to Get Over Writer’s Block | Quietly Blog

Writer’s block is always a pain, but when you’re a professional writer with deadlines to meet, it’s a liability. Here are my strategies for overcoming writer’s block and getting content done on time.

Hiro Takeda

Chef’s Table: Hiro Takeda | West Coast Wild Harvest

An interview with Hiro Takeda, chef and owner at 293 Wallace in Hope, BC, on his internship at Noma, cooking with wild and foraged foods, and building a kitchen culture in Hope.

My Journey: Caitlyn Baikie | ForagerCaitlyn Baikie

An interview with Caitlyn Baikie (ranked by the CBC as one of five indigenous leaders under 30 to watch) on her involvement with the Franklin expedition that located the Erebus, her hopes for the future, and what it’s like to grow up in a small town in sub-arctic Labrador.

A beekeeper holds a section of a hive.City Bee, Country Bee | Pacific Rim Magazine

A feature article examining the environmental and cultural issues facing bees, and the discrepancies between the lifestyles of urban and rural bees.

exileExile Bistro | Pacific Rim Magazine

A restaurant review on a downtown Vancouver restaurant that serves in local wild and organic foods.

cameronThe Cameron Highlands | Pacific Rim Magazine

A travel article detailing the history and attractions of Malaysia’s largest hill station.